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Dance Teams & Crews

Our Adult Team is for 16+ Intermediate level dancer with good choreography pick-up and a little background in other street styles such as house, locking and waving.



Rehearsals are Thursdays in Kingston at 8pm-9:30pm and are £9 a rehearsal.

Brain Wave are our Grade One hip-hop and street dancers! Most of the dancers in this team are 13 and over and have wide range of skills in many styles of street including choreography, popping, waving and (for some!) breaking.


Rehearsals are Mondays in Kingston at 5:15pm-6:15pm

CorVox is our Pre-Primary Level hip-hop and street dancers! Dancers in these team are normally around 11-14 years old and have a strong base of hip-hop skills and styles.


Rehearsals are Wednesdays in Kingston at 5:15pm-6:15pm

GeoMetirx is our Primary Level hip-hop and street dancers! Dancers in these team are normally around 7-10 years old and have a some experience in street and hip-hop but do a lot of learning on the job!


Rehearsals are Wednesdays in Kingston at 6:15pm-7:15pm

Our fees for BrainWave, Corvox and Geometrix are £50 per term with discounts of 10% for early payments. We are always looking for new dancers but entry to all our teams requires an audition. The best way to get around this with children is to bring them along to a Saturday class or arrange for them to come to one of the rehearsals and say to them it is for a trial class. The teams have a regular exam, performance and competition schedule so you will need weekend availability  to be able to join the crews!  Our teams have been involved in many great shows and performances including the International Youth Arts Festival, London Youth Dance, Rich Dance, Big Dance and Making The Space @ Siobhan Davies.

Contact to arrange an audition

Our Divas are our first ever Commercial Dance Team! Dancers need strong choreography pick-up and a very sassy attitude! This is a Grade Two and over dance team with dancers ages ranging from 12-32.


Rehearsals are every other Saturday 1:15pm-3:15pm in Shepperton. Rehearsals are £50 per half-term.



Our old skool hip-hop team will be coming in January 2015! Stay tuned!


Anna: 07939516081

Carly: 07989475126

Our VItal Signz Dance Elite Team is for professional level dancers! We rehearse on Sundays from 12:30pm-2:30pm with extended rehearsals before performances in Shepperton. This is mainly choreography based but a strong street background is required. Skills required are house, locking and waving with breaking and acrobatic skills a bonus.

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