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Vital Signz & the UDO

It is important to us at Vital Signz HQ to teach the large variety of styles, foundations and techniques that make up the street dance umbrella and to differentiate between commercial dance and street dance. We are one of a small number of dance schools in the UK offering the UDO Syllabus for Street Dance which offers much more specific exams in locking, breaking and other fundamental elements of hip-hop and street dance.


The UDO have given street dance the examination structure it needed, putting emphasis on the core movements and styles as well as highlighting the importance of staying true to the element of that particular style.


We hold examinations every year 






UDO Pre-Primary Breaking Routine (approx age 7-10s)

UDO Grade One Locking Routine  (approx age 11-16s adv)

UDO Grade 4 House Routine 

UDO Grade 5 Locking Routine 

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